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Politics Essay

  • Submitted by: Hidayat1243
  • on June 26, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Hidayatullah Jamote
          Our country needs us now more than ever before!
Sometimes from the wreck of Bollywood’s merits, a few scenes are worthy of consideration with the depth of cognition. One of the scenes from a movie named “Carry on Jatta” though a comedy movie well deserves to be quoted because the analogy of a dialogue in the scene factually fits with the real situation of Pakistani patriotic youth. In the scene an old father appears on the screen, he goes on to the roof of a lower middle class type house to awaken his indolent son from sleep, as it is already afternoon. The father admonishes his son and says “Uth ja manhoos, dhup sir te charh aye hai (After some other harsh lines, he says)… Mein apriyan sath periyan unglian te ginwa sakda jehriya mehnat kr ke kuch barein aen” (Wake up confounded nuisance; it’s afternoon… I can count for you the seven generations of your grandparents on the finger tips who by their hard work led a great life.)  The son awakes and what he replies is really funny and at the same time thought provoking. He says “ Te fir lanat hai oogiya sat peeriya di mehnat te jehriyan ina vi ni kama sakhein k athvein peeri te aaram nal so sakey” (Then, shame on the hard work of such seven generations who could not earn even so much that their eighth generation could sleep with ease.)
                 Here the charm of analogy heightens the dialogue of scene when I went to the cafeteria of Xavier University of Louisiana in the United States with my American and Brazilian friends. My American friend is a student of Political Science classified as a senior while my Brazilian friend studies Pharmacy. After casual conversation, my American friend asked me “What do you want to do after getting an education?” I replied “I want to payback my country by working toward the alleviation of poverty.” After listening to my reply, he just laughed and said “Our grandparents would think like that for U.S but now we the youth don’t.” Totally ignoring...

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