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Poetry Comparison Essay

  • Submitted by: sarahardenn
  • on September 3, 2013
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“Blown to small bits and no one seemed to care.” The line from “The Hero” by Siegfried Sassoon, talks about a soldier who died in the battle field in an inhuman way. During World War One, many anti-war poets emerged and   Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sasson were the famous ones. This might be due to the fact that both of them were soldiers, and they experienced firsthand the cruelty of the war. In Wilfred Owen’s “The Send-off” and in Siegfried Sasson’s “The Hero”, structure, poetic devices and diction are all used to convey the negative elements in war and cruel government during the war time.

Both Sassoon and Owen use poetic devices to convey their sentiment towards war. For example, in “The Send-off”, “darkening lane they sang their way,” Owen uses metaphor in this line, “the darkening lane” because it foreshadows the dark destiny that the soldier awaits, and tells readers that the soldiers have no idea where they are going, and what will happen when they get to the front line. Also in line 2, Owen uses alliteration in “siding-shed”, it means a short stretch of rail road track used to store rolling stork, and this shows readers the atmosphere, which seems sinister and unfortunate. Also in “The Hero” by Sassoon, the author uses metaphor “useless swine” to describe the soldier as a pig in this poem, because the soldier dies in an exploration when he is trying to escape from the battlefield, so it implies reader that the soldiers run away from the frontline, they will be regarded as a coward, but this also shows how horrible war is. Both of the authors used a   variety of   devices to show the cruelty of war and the soldiers’ unwillingness to go to war.
Similarly, both poets also use diction to show their views on war. For example, in “The Send-off”, Owen uses oxymoron and juxtaposition of the word “grimly” against “gay." This suggests that the men are happy to go to war but deep down inside the men are feeling miserable, because they know their lives are going to...

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