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Plan And Presentation

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Final strategic plan and presentation
                                                        Linda Short
                                                        Business 475
                                                        Kimberly Ford

Final strategic plan and presentation
    Concept Learning is an organization created in 2011 and owned by Linda Short. The program was to foster learning for children between the ages of two and to four years of age before   kindergartner, and first grade.   It is important that a child develops age appropriate thinking, and decision-making skills. Our organization concept Learning will evaluate each child with a battery of test called “My 123’s” The test includes Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic thinking. Concept Learning uses the result of their evaluation to define the child’s or children learning style and to fine where his or her talent lies. Defining each child style and how he or she learn can make learning a fun activities for the child as well as the parent. The strategic plan and objective is to measure, and target, our client’s needs. This is done by data collect on each individual while targeting the area that requires our attention using specific tools and methods. Our methods include visual, Auditory, and kinesthetic this include the child as a hold holistically, considering his or her environment, surrounding, and culture.
The most important aspect of our organization is education and making sure our clients and parents are receiving top quality assessments for their child therefore, our financial obligation to the organization requires that we charge for our services to meet the needs of our clients and parents. We require all of our staffers work toward the advancement our organizational goals financially, and operationally.
            Every organization is required to follow local, state and federal regulatory laws....

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