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Pigs Essay

  • Submitted by: thajam
  • on June 25, 2014
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“If you hang with the pigs, you will start to smell like them”
Negotiation and Conflict Management
March 8, 2014

In an article written just recently by Stephen Waguespack, dirty tactics while negotiating are examined. While the writer starts with a humorous joke in relation to birds of a feather flocking together, a similar approach was taken when writing this paper. A wise man once said that, “the more you hang with pigs, the more you will begin to smell like them”. This article certainly brings about feelings of that kind of “camaraderie” or a parody of such after reading it (Waguespack, 2014).
The swine that the article refers to is that of the growing number of special interest groups that are using dirty tactics to extort labor from governmental agencies in Louisiana. Though relatively a new trend in Louisiana, it is certainly reminiscent of those special interest groups in Washington D.C. that cut secret backdoor deals with federal agencies and then forcing them on the American people (Waguespack, 2014).
In Washington, D.C., this “pig” is referred to as “sue and settle.” The U.S. Chamber defines this as when, “an agency intentionally relinquishes its statutory discretion by accepting lawsuits from outside groups that effectively dictate the priorities and duties of the agency through legally binding, and court-approved settlements negotiated behind closed doors — with no participation by other affected parties or the public.” The EPA has aggressively used this tactic to push new mandates on American companies forcing them to adhere to bogus unattainable standards (Waguespack, 2014).
The settlements made turn out to be consent decrees between the private entity and the federal government. In addition to the covalent-like bond between the two is only made public knowledge after the decree is filed with the court (Waguespack, 2014).
If this sounds like something you have heard of before, it is. It is very similar in the regard...

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