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Physics Design Essay

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Physics Design – 3
The force required for a work to be done depends on various factors. One of which is the mass and weight of a iron block. As the mass of the iron block increases, the force required to move it increases. In the same way, as the weight of the iron block increases the force required to move it increases. Therefore, I want to investigate if this case is correct or not i.e. I want to see if really there is more force required to move a iron block when its mass increases or not.
Research Question-
How does the force required to pull an iron block to a certain distance varies with the mass of that same iron block, keeping other things constant.
My hypothesis is that as the mass of the block increases, its weight itself increases that may increase the force required to pull it to a specific distance and vice versa.
Independent variable-
The mass of the iron block is the independent variable as it is being changed over the experiment.
Dependent variable-
The force required to pull the block is the dependent variable as it changes only when the mass of the block changes.
Controlled Variables-
The air pressure would be a controlled variable as it may affect the dependent variable by making it more difficult to pull the iron block.
Distance moved as the distance being changed may not lead to accurate readings of the force applied.
Length and material of thread to be used in the experiment would be controlled variables as this may also affect the force required to pull the block.

Method to control variables-
Switch off all the fans and air conditioners.
Put some indicating material on the end point of the distance to be covered.
Measure the length of the thread many times to get the accurate length also use the threads of same materials. 
Instruments Quantity
Force sensor 1
Number of iron blocks(varied masses)    
Thread(same lengths) 5
Laptop 1
Logger Pro...

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