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Physical and Chemcal Change Essay

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                                      Physical and Chemical Change
Ebony Shaw
Honors Scientific Research
May 3, 2013

              The main objective of this lab was to classify different mixtures as a physical or chemical change. The purpose of this lab was to learn how to identify the difference between a physical and chemical change. A physical change changes in size, shape, or state of matter. A chemical change is one substance to another. Physical and chemical changes have properties. A physical property is material that you can observe without changing its identity.   A chemical property is a characteristic of a substance that indicates weather it can undergo a chemical change.(McLaughlin , 2010) The chemical changes in this predicted in this experiment were: Magnesia and vinegar, melting a candle, baking soda and vinegar, alka-seltzer and water, ammonia and alka-seltzer, burning steel wool, hydrogen peroxide and Epson salt. The physical changes predicted in this lab were: paper, aluminum foil, sugar and water and crushing chalk. These hypotheses were gathered from common knowledge. (McLaughlin, 2010).
50 ml Graduated Cylinder
Milk of Magnesia
Electronic Scale
Baking Soda
Aluminum Foil
Bunsen burner
Steel wool
Epson Salt
Hydrogen Peroxide
              In this experiment substances were combined together to be determined if it was a physical or chemical change. In station A scissor were used to cut up paper. In station B a fifty ml graduated cylinder was used to measure fifteen ml of vinegar and then place them into a beaker and stir. In station C a candle was melted for four minutes and observed. In station D an electronic scale was used to measure ten grams of baking soda, them using a fifty ml graduated cylinder fifteen ml of vinegar was measured. Then the substances were place into a beaker. In station E aluminum foil was tore into...

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