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Phy 211 Syllabus Essay

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PHY 211 General Physics

Summer 2014

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Valdis J. Zeps COORDINATOR: Steve Ellis OFFICE: @UK: CP394, @BCTC: OB234C DEPT. OFFICE: CP 177 E-MAIL: val.zeps@kctcs.edu DEPT. CHAIR: Prof. Sumit Das PHONE: 859-246-6450 OFFICE HOURS: MTW 11:30AM-12:30PM, and immediately after lecture, or by appointment LECTURE: MTW 12:40 AM-1:40 PM in CP 155 RECITATION: TWRF, (020) 9:00-10:00 AM in CP 208, (022) 1:50-2:50 PM in CP 297 LABORATORY: (020) TR 1:50-3:50 PM, (022) MW 9:00-11:00 AM in CP 165 TEXT: College Physics, by Serway and Vuille, 9th edition (vol. 1, if using split edition.) ISBN: 9781305418028 LAB TEXT: Physics 211 Laboratory Manual, Summer 2014, Ellis. Available at “Johnny Print.” (Please go to the PHY211 Lab Blackboard site at elearning.uky.edu for all information regarding Laboratory.) Before each lecture class, you should read the corresponding sections as listed in the attached schedule. You should know by now that it is extremely important to keep ahead in your reading. The summer pace is extremely fast, you should expect to spend three to four hours a day outside class (NO KIDDING!) for reading, problem solving, and completing labs. COURSE DESCRIPTION: First part of a two-semester survey of classical and modern physics, focusing on the motion of solids and fluids as governed by Newton's Laws and by the conservation laws of energy, momentum, and angular momentum. Credit is not given to students who already have credit for PHY 231 and 241. PREREQUISITES: We will be examining physics concepts, exploring physical phenomena, and developing mathematical relationships that describe the phenomena. We will be using algebra/trigonometry-based mathematics extensively to illustrate the ideas and relationships covered in the course. A working knowledge of algebra as obtainable in MA 109 or MA 110 or MA 112, or an ACT math score of 25 or above, or a SAT math score of 590 or above. COURSE OBJECTIVES: The student is expected to understand the fundamental concepts...

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