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Philosophy of Counseling Essay

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  • on June 27, 2014
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      Person centered therapy, also known as client centered therapy, was developed by the humanistic psychologist named Carl Rogers in the 1940s. He referred to it as counseling rather than psychotherapy. The basic elements of Carl Rogers way of therapy was to have a more personal relationship with the patient, to help the patient reach a state of realization that they can help themselves. He implies a form of therapy whereby the therapist takes the backseat and allows the client to play the major role during the counseling session.

Human Nature

My view of the nature of people is that most people are essentially good and that human nature is a product of environmental and societal factors as well as heredity, early development, and an innate self-striving for growth throughout life. Personality is trait that comes directly from God. Interactions, environment, and more help shape and change that personality as we grow through life.   I believe my view of human nature greatly directs the practice of person centered therapy, because person centered therapy is rooted in the client’s capacity for awareness and his/her ability to make decisions, by perceiving individuals/clients in a positive light. The focus is shifted to what is right with the person not on what is wrong with him/her.

Role of Environment in Personality Development

We are truly products of our environment. It is the environment that surrounded me as a child that has made up my personality, outlook, judgments, opinions, and more. We are products of the circumstances around us, even if our genetics determine our personality traits to a certain degree. People will change and adapt to the environment around them.   The quality of people a person is surrounded by will determine the way they choose to communicate, handle situations, and meet their needs. Our decisions are directed through our relation to the things we have learned.

Model of Functionality

Mental health...

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