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Phamacogenetics Essay

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Biology essay-Phamacogenetics
Phamacogenetics is the study of gene types and variations to determine likelihood of adverse reactions or positive responses to pharmaceutical or drug treatments. Few medicines are effective for everyone as people often respond differently to the same medicine. These different responses are partly due to people’s genetic make-up. The study of pharmacogenetics allows us to investigate how people’s differences in genes affects the way medicines affect them.
To carry out this study we need clinical trials. A clinical trial is a set of procedures in medical research and drug development. They involve enrolling either healthy volunteers or patients into small studies which then are often conducted into larger studies comparing different drug products and their responses on people. In clinical trials placebos are used. These are fake treatments which don’t do anything to the person but because the person thinks they are being administered the drug they may act in a different way for physiological reasons. Placebos are not given to ill patients because it is unethical as the treatment may help them survive. There are different types of clinical trials. These are either blind or double blind trials. In a blind trial only the administrator knows if the drug or a placebo is being administered and in a double blind trial nobody knows. The information is gathered to see the affect of the drug on a variety of people. If positive safety and efficacy data are gathered the number of patients is typically increased. Clinical trials are conducted to see what reactions people will have to the drugs as we know that different people respond differently to drugs. People respond differently to drugs for many different reasons. These include weight (someone may need to be administered more of the drug to have the same effect as someone else as they have a larger mass), psychological variables (such as having a placebo or expecting a reaction from your body...

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