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Pets And Their Owners Essay

  • Submitted by: Mikisgod419123
  • on March 19, 2012
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I have rarely been without a pet throughout any time in my life. As a child I would often drop everything to care for a sick or injured animal whether it was simply a stray or a family pet. There were many times that I would drop everything in order to see to it that the needs of the animal were taken care of properly and that it got the attention which I felt it needed. When people act in a hostile manner towards my pet I become offended just the same as if I noticed someone being hostile with a friend, and will say something to let it be known that I'd like the hostile behavior to stop. The older I become I notice more that the relationship between pet and owner is mostly one based on dominance. I rarely drop my obligations in order to see to it that the pets needs are taken care of. I take care of my pets needs when I feel that I have the time to do so. I feed them when I wake up, let them outside when they need to go outside, reward them when they behave, and punish them when they do not. Pets rely on owners in much more important ways than many owners might rely on pets. Without a good owner, a pet will die. Without a good pet, we will continue to live just the same as we always have.
It is a necessary thing that a relationship with an animal is one based mostly on dominance. It is the natural order of the animal world that there is a leader of the pack, or a dominant member. Raising a pet that interacts well with others, both animal and human, children even, requires us to teach the pet that when it behaves in a desired manner it is rewarded with attention or a treat, and requires that we make it clear what behavior is unacceptable and will result in punishment. Without this sort of relationship we would basically be bringing a wild animal into the home and giving it free roam to act as it pleases with our families and the things we have worked to have. A dog that is not trained properly will bite people, or chew up things which we might have paid quite a...

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