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Pertussis Essay

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  • on August 31, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Pertussis" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

This article provides an informational overview of a prevalent health issue which is facing the United States currently. Pertussis, which is also known as whooping cough has hit epidemic numbers in the United States. Pertussis is a extremely contagious respiratory disease, which is caused by bacterium Bordetella pertussis. There have been over 18,000 cases reported so far this year in the United States. The author reports that infants under one year of age are more susceptible of developing the disease resulting in possible death, due to being unable to complete a full series of the TDaP vaccination. The author also reports that 84 percent of toddlers in the United States have received a full series of the TDaP vaccination.   The author suggests children who are unvaccinated are at an eight time higher risk of developing pertussis in comparison to children that have received the complete full series of the TDaP vaccination. The author also reports that there has been a significant increase in kids between the ages of 13-14 which has developed this communicable disease. Adults are not exempt from being affected by pertussis, a small number of 8 percent has received vaccinations for this disease in United States.   The cases of pertussis have hit its highest peak in 50 years.

Getting vaccinated seems to be the answer to preventing this highly contagious disease from the author’s point of view. Interestingly enough there is a mention of a 13 year old, who was vaccinated and still contracted pertussis and suffered with uncontrollable violent coughs lasting 100 days. The article reports the Center for Disease Control is currently doing a full scale investigation to discover the reason for the recent outbreaks in kids between the ages of 13-14. The article suggests there was a change in the pertussis vaccination in 1997 which may have been a factor in so many children in this age group developing pertussis currently.   It seems that the strength of the TDaP vaccination...

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