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Personality Traits & Leadership Styles of Great Leaders Essay

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As a new manager, many people will also see you as a “new” leader in the organization.   Simply stated, leaders provide the inspiration and motivation for your team, while managers handle the coordinating, organizing, and planning of business activities (Wall Street Journal, 2012).   To provide insight into what is involved with the leadership aspects of your new role, let’s look at the personality traits and leadership styles of great leaders.
Personality Traits
Many studies and years of research have revealed that the most respected leaders possess several traits that distinguish them from others.   Below are ten traits that are commonly associated with great leaders (Leading Effectively, 2013).   While most leaders do not exhibit every one of these traits, successful leaders will demonstrate many of these on a regular basis (Forbes, 2012). As you grow as a leader, developing these skills will increase your effectiveness as a leader.  

When you consider the leaders you admire, odds are they exhibit more than a few of the traits indicated above in Figure 1.   Great leaders are mindful of their strengths and leverage these to be persuasive and inspire others.   These leaders are also aware of their weaknesses and likely make efforts to increase their skills and abilities where they are weakest.   Here are a few key points about each trait:
Ability to Delegate
You aren’t the only one with great ideas or the right skills to do the work.   Trusting others to accomplish the vision and delegating the right tasks, to the right people, demonstrates your confidence in their abilities and skills.  
Ability to Inspire
Your energy, passion, and commitment to achieving a goal are often not enough.   You will need to generate this same passion and commitment in others.   To do this effectively, you will need to craft your message, and communication of this message to inspire and motivate others towards achieving that same goal.
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