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Personal Responsibility Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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Personal Responsibility
In this generation life is about living in the moment and doing what feels good to the individual at the time. This is acceptable for the moment but what happens years down the road when that individual has to deal with the consequences of his or her actions. If that individual had the concept of personal responsibility intact then he or she would not have to deal with the negative consequences of his or her youth. Personal responsibility is that internal system of checks and balances that keeps an individual successful and productive. In order for an individual to be successful they must understand how to live a deliberate life (Keane, p26).   Dr. Keane ( 2008) stated that “Successful people accept 100 percent responsibility for their lives. (p 27).   In order to be successful, personal responsibility must be in the individual’s memory bank. Sometimes the concept of personal responsibility is easier said than done more many people. Some individuals don’t have a high level of personal responsibility because he or she does not think that personal responsibility is important. Even though personal responsibility is not important to many, personal responsibility is important to have because it helps a person prepare for a successful life and also shows a person’s maturity level.
Preparation for a successful life
There is one thing that every human on earth has in common, the want of experiencing a successful life. Canfield (2010) stated that “The very first step is also the most difficult: taking 100-percent responsibility for your life (p 1). Life is what an individual creates for his or her self. There are many things that go into creating a successful life and one of those concepts is having personal responsibility. If a person has personal responsibility he or she will have a successful life, the two concepts go hand in hand.   Personal responsibility helps a person stay balanced in his or her everyday wants and needs. One...

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