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Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility
February 19, 2011

Personal Responsibility
One of the greatest opportunities that a person can have in their lifetime is to pursue a college education.   To achieve this goal, I believe a person must take personal responsibility to achieve academic success to better help themselves, their families and in general be a better citizen.   To be able to have personal responsibility in college, it’s important that accountability, commitment, perceived control, and having responsibility with money are taken very seriously to accomplish our academic goals.  
Personal responsibility is about accountability of the decisions a person makes; it is accepting the consequences that can develop from the actions made and understanding they can impact those around you.   It means that life will bring all kinds of options, some good and some bad.   You will enjoy the fruits of those good choices and be proud to announce “yes I did make that choice”.   The hard part comes when those choices are not as good.   That is when we have to “own up” and not put the blame on others.
Along with accountability, commitment is very important to achieve personal responsibility in having college success.   This is because when you commit to been successful in college, you are not just going through the motions of getting through whatever comes your way and hope for the best.   No, when you commit to having college success, it is like an understanding that you will try your hardest to do as best as you can.   College is a commitment that is well worth the sacrifice.   It is important to mention that the level of commitment in the student can have a great effect in the academic success of the person.   According to Hackman & Dysinger (1970), the level of commitment can be highly impacted by the student’s home and family.   For example, students with parents that have a better educated will have a higher level of commitment for college because they grew up...

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