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Personal Growth Essay

  • Submitted by: Erikthechampion1
  • on February 27, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Personal Growth" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Erik F. Bueno

PERG 120

Professor Hedekin

09 December 2013

I. Journal Entry 28

a.) I discovered what I want most from life is…

- College degrees, play professional sports, decent income, win the lottery, harminal relations such as happiness, trust, and respect

b.) To get what I want from my life is…

- Staying active, motivated, being a positive thinker, being a risk taker, create my own game plans, and able to look back and say to myself that I was satisfied and successful. To do this, I Write down when I want to achieve it, the reasons why I want it, what it would feel like after I achieved it, write down all my accomplished goals, figure out exactly what it will take to get it.

II. Practicing critical thinking 12

a.) Based on your experience with becoming a master student, list the top three three strategies that you would suggest to your friend.

- The three strategies that I will recommend to a friend are, accepting your wonderful mind because its a strategy that is mostly used for imagination in order to make imagination plans come to reality. Second, Thinking about your major (p.225), because choosing a major is a first step in college life. Without a major, one could continue discovering based on their interest from other GE courses and some may choose a major that others believe they have an ability on. Third, writing things down first (p.108)   to any device or in a piece of paper like notebook in order to save information for future purposes for any upcoming test or assignment.

III. Exercise   32: Recognize your skills

Step 1: Activities - Cleaning offices, football practice, going to the gym, (improving physical conditioning) spend time with family, and exploring around the city.  

Step 2: Awards for Participant,   certificate on QPR, Silver star on ESPN’s SFTC for a winning streak of 17, and perfect scores on quizzes.

Step 3: Make a plan, mix and match, look at my recent mistakes and make it a...

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