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Personal Ethics Development Paper

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Personal Ethics Development paper

It is very important to understand the code of ethics the key points in this essay will explain the developmental of the code of ethics with the use of key terms   that are normally used when writing a code of ethics. An explanation of how and where personal and professional code ethics come from. Nevertheless why a code of ethics is so important will be discussed. However a description on how the potential effect of ethics are used in the work place. There is a sample page of my code of ethics that I had for my children that that rode my van when I had my own transportation company.          

Personal Ethics Development paper
1. Obey the driver promptly

2. We are grateful that you will have humanistic to Obey and respect the directions of the authorized persons.

3.   Everyone will conduct themselves with ethical business behavior at all times having courtesy   to all others around you.

4. Please be mindful that everyone’s time is valuable be ready when driver arrive the driver cannot wait beyond his/ her regular schedule.

5. Cross in front of the vehicle at clear distance so the driver can see you.

6. You are expected to be on your best behavior, the following will not be tolerated foul language, fighting, pushing, and disobedience.    

7. Wait until the vehicle has come to a complete stop before getting out, do not move about while the automobile is moving.

8. Remain seated while automobile is moving.

9. Do not run toward vehicle while it is in motion.

10. Do not engage in any activity that might divert the attention of the driver.  

11. Do not extend any parts of the body out of the automobile.

12. Do not tamper with any part of the automobile.    
13. All personal injuries or illness is the parent/ guardian responsibility.

14. Do not throw anything from or out any part of the vehicle.

15. Possess of weapons or sharp objects are not allowed in vehicle. (Toys that are...

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