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Personal Essay

  • Submitted by: angelicalin
  • on September 3, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Being an Expert
    There are many kinds of experts in our lives. Some of them are theoretician, and some of them are good at practice. But no matter what they do, experts are absolutely the top persons in their own area. So what are the qualities of being an expert? What do an expert need?
    First of all, an expert has to be expert in something. Otherwise, people won’t accept him as an expert. An expert doesn’t have to be educated all the time. A worker, a seller, a farmer, or a cleaner, all of them around us could be an expert, just depending on how you judge. Stephen Hawking and Helen Keller are both disabled. S. Hawking, known as a physicist all over the world, who can’t move or speak at all. While H. Keller, one of the greatest women, was blind and deaf. Therefore, disabled person can also be an expert.
    Well, in my opinion, an expert must be able to take the responsibility and be honest. When you’re an expert, a lot of people may ask you for help. If an expert doesn’t take these kinds of things seriously, problems may be caused. Experts in academia often publish their discoveries as well as theories, and some of them write lots of books for students as well as researchers. If they treat these as a joke, they might twist the facts and change the way of development as it should be. There was a very famous “expert” in 2010, called Zhang Wuben. He faked his educational background and opened his own hospital. He wrote some books about how to keep healthy. Millions of people believed him and did as the book told. They even ate uncooked eggplants. People wasted their time and money on Zhang Wuben and his stupid theories until they found out that he was a liar. How ridiculous it was!
    Being honest, able to take the responsibility, and expert in something are just the basic qualities of being an expert. An outstanding nurse needs patience. Experts in academia need perseverance, enthusiasm for finding the truth, serious working attitude and faith in...

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