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Peronal Ethics Essay

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Personal Ethics Essay:
When it comes to my personal ethics lens it clearly states that my Definition of my ethnic behavior consist of doing the right thing I define an ethical as one who does the right . I hold standards for myself but not judging others, who fall short so long as their intentions were honorable. My tools for analyzing problems are reason, experience, and authority and tradition. My core values   are autonomy, equality, rational, and sensibility. I value autonomy and equality. I see how protecting individual rights and the well-being of the community. I value rationality and sensibility equally. My classical values are described as temperance, prudence, justice and fortitude describes my.   Depending on what the circumstances required I am able to manifest all four classical virtues. I value individual balance and restraint in the desire for pleasures as I seek to satisfy my duties. I am comfortable with using all available tools to analyze a problem these include critical thinking skills reference to experts, my own past experience and traditions of the community. I have one of the best gift. That is the gift of balance. My gift to the community is balance among all four lenses. I can see the benefits of each of the lenses I can use the tools of them all. My Crisis is confusion I suppose you can say that this is my weakness. Unless I develop the practice of mindfulness and reflection at some point I will become confused and find that I have lost my moral compass. The downside to being able to see everyone else’s perspective is that I lose track of my own. Sometimes can be a bad thing. When it comes to my blind spot I do not have one my mature expression of this is positive and has no blind spot. When it comes to seeing clearly I listen to my heart use my head and act with confidence .To see more clearly first consider the nature of the problem. Then use both your head and heart to discern which course of action will best manifest interdependence....

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