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Performance Framework Essay

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A strong performance management framework is essential to the success of Landslide Limousine. In order to have a successful performance management plan you must align the framework with your business strategy, consider your organizational philosophy, perform a job analysis to determine skills needed by employees, decide on methods you will use to measure employee’s skills, determine a process for addressing skill gaps, and an approach for delivering effective feedback. In this memorandum Atwood & Allen will provide suggestions on how to create a performance management framework that sets Landslide Limousine on the path to success.
Organizational Business Strategy
In previous communications you informed Atwood & Allen that you want to start a Limousine business in Austin, Texas and that your business strategy is to provide first-class personal transportation to your customers. Additionally, you stated your anticipated first year net revenue will be approximately -$50,000, you expect a 5% net revenue increase over the next several years, and you estimate a 10% turnover rate. Based on your short-term and long-term goals Atwood & Allen believes Landslide Limousine has realistic goals for the first few years of business. A well thought out performance management framework will align these goals, encourage employee loyalty, and set the foundation for future financial growth.
Organizational Performance Philosophy
As part of Landslide Limousine’s performance management framework it is imperative to identify your organizational performance philosophy. In order to establish your limousine business in Austin, Texas, amongst an existing competitive market, your philosophy must be built on top-notch customer service. To build a positive reputation in the market your employees must understand what is expected of them. Atwood & Allen recommends using Behavior-oriented rating methods in order to evaluate your employees. Capturing customer satisfaction is key to performing...

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