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Patient Trends Essay

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  • on March 19, 2012
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The article that we read for this week is on an interview done in 1983 by Sarah Mirza. The interview focuses on a women leader named Ma Mishi in the 1970s. She was born and raised in a mission statement in Feretown. She was raised as a Christian but later converted to a Muslim and grew up to be a leader in one of the groups of ‘makungwi’. This group included women who conduct life cycle rituals that are found in east Africa. Women were the practitioners and these roles were important and gave them power as leaders. Ma Mishi was a somo who replaced her mother’s responsibilities after her death.   Somo’s initiated young girls into women when they reached puberty.
Ma Mishi was raised by an Arab woman. In the reading it says that Arab girls were less mannered so they were brought to the ‘makungwi’ dances to learn some manners.   Freeborn Swahili people took their girls to a “somo” so that they can be taught about menstruation and sexuality. To Ma Mishi rituals represented a source of pride and the instilling of proper values. The “makungwi’ group followed two important life cycle rituals; they included puberty rituals and wedding dances. Some aspects of the puberty rituals are designed to teach the “makungwi’s” ideal of proper behavior. The rituals particularly regard sexual matters and ones relationship with a husband. They believe that the rituals taught the young girls to be better wives. Other rituals required the girls to perform difficult maneuvers. The celebration of a wedding took place over a number of days and the men and women celebrated separately. The men’s ceremony consisted religious vows and eating of special foods. The women’s ceremony was more elaborate and festive. In the reading it seems as if women were very dependent of their men. Ma Mishi’s first husband asked her parents for permission to marry her. In the reading it says that he paid her bridewealth, so it seems as if he bought her. The husbands were usually always older then the women, most of...

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