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Password Policy Essay

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Lotan Jones
Unit 7
Assignment 1.   AD Password Policy Planning

Hello, I am your new IT consultant.   I understand you’re having concerns about the security within the company.   I see you need an opinion on an approach to having the right kind of security without hampering the employee productivity.   I’ll give the best advice to the best of my knowledge on how to handle the situation.
Let me breakdown to what a strong password is vs a weak password.   A strong password is a password that has uppercase and lowercase letters.   There is also numeric numbers in as well.   A good range to have a strong password I would say around 6 characters long with a combination of upper and lowercase letters mix with numbers.   Also it needs to be something that the employee can remember but not too easy for anybody to get.   A weak password would be something with far less characters like having 4 instead of 6.   Using your name or a pet name as a password would not be wise without the right combination.   Your birthdate is not a wise chose either because you might have someone within the company that’s trying to get information from you and decides to play the role of friendly neighbor.   That person can simply ask when your birthday is for example with a genuine smile on his/her face, and the next thing you know, they got you.   You also have other methods of security methods you can use like a smart card or a finger scanner depending on the level of security that you want without making it too difficult for the employees to work around.
I hope my suggestions steer you in the right direction as far as implementing a security policy within the company.   I’ve explain the difference between a strong password and a weak password.   I’ve also suggested using smart cards or a finger scanner.   If you have any more questions, then feel free to contact me at 999-999-9999, or email me at 134ti@youknow.com

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