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Parris In The Crucible Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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How does Miller present the character Parris in The Crucible?

In the book The Crucible, it is clear that Arthur Miller has thought very hard about each, individual character. He has provided each character with their own back ground stories and has written it so it is exciting for the reader as they find out more about the characters as you go through the book.

The character Reverend Parris is straight away presented as a very high up, intelligent man and likes to think of himself as a very respectable person. From the first line in the book, Miller has made Parris out to be a very forceful, powerful man as he shouts ‘Out of here!’ at Tituba as soon as she enters the room. Your first thoughts of Parris are that he is a very angry man but you soon find out that he has a whole different side to him.

He is a very materialistic person, his main priority is himself and many of his parishioners think of him as an extremely greedy and selfish man.   This is shown in the very first scene as we see Parris standing over his daughter Betty's sick bed. At first readers are made to feel bad for him but then you quickly realise that Parris is just worried about his reputation. He's afraid that if people think there's witchcraft in his household, he'll lose his position as minister of Salem.
Parris says ‘Now tell me true, Abigail. And I pray you feel the weight of truth upon you, for now my ministry is at stake, my ministry and perhaps your cousin’s life.’ This shows that even though his daughter should be his main priority, he cares far more about his ranking in the community and his business in the ministry.

Miller also presents Parris as a man that is extremely pleased with himself and he believes that he should be shown more respect than he is been given. He says ‘Man! Don’t a minister deserve a house to live in’ which gives you the impression that he thinks he is higher than everyone else and more important than others.
In general, Parris is a very selfish man...

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