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Parenting Essay

  • Submitted by: pawsmforyou
  • on February 27, 2014
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      I have so many wonderful childhood memories, but most of them are like snapshots or short motion pictures in my mind. I grew up with two parents that got divorced before I was even a year old. Seeing that they were divorced when I was so young, I can’t imagine it any other way. The happiest memory I have as a child is the day I came home from the hospital. I remember that day like it was just yesterday. The day I got to come home, my Mom, Dad and I spent the day and night together. It was really an amazing memory, because we weren’t all 3 together since the divorce. It was either my mom and I, or my Dad and I – never all three of us. That day was defiantly a day that I will never forget.
  My parent’s style has affected the person I am today in several ways: I was extremely spoiled as a child and it has carried over into my adulthood. I still find myself getting upset if I don’t get what I want. I can remember being a young child and my Dad taking me to the grocery store and always leaving there with something. Every weekend, when I would go back with my Mom, I would come home with a new pair of shoes. In general, I was one who typically got what she wanted. Today, being 27 years old, I still find myself wanting everything. I have really taught myself the difference between wanting something and needing something, even though there are times when I need everything if you know what I mean?
The authoritarian side of my upbringing was frequently used by my Dad. Although spanking is commonly frowned upon, my Dad used spanking as a way of punishment. I was spanked when I showed bad behavior, when I lied, or when I was disrespectful to him or any elders. This punishment was used, I think in a way of encouragement to better myself. On the other hand, my Mother was the one who used the authoritative style. She began using the technique when I got older and more mature, I believe, because I could understand another’s point of view. When I did...

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