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Paradigm Shift Essay

  • Submitted by: havoc305
  • on August 28, 2013
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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A Paradigm Shift can occur or occur over a period of time. It is a change, an evolution or transformation. I have chosen video and movie rental for my topic of research and how it has evolved to what it is today and what it could possibly be 20 years from now.
In 1975, Betamax video cassette tapes were introduced to the world. The first way of watching movies at home. Soon after the VHS followed. Companies such as Blockbuster Video and Hollywood Video flourished. People could see all the movies once in theatres right at home with just a simple rental of a tape. Today, you cannot find a video rental store anywhere. With technology and the internet, people can rent movies right from their cable box and even from their children’s gaming consoles and even their mobile phones. Other companies have found a way to incorporate both technologies like the Red Box.
This change with technology has made it easier and convenient for people to rent and view movies. It has become less expensive. It has brought those other businesses to their knees closing those Blockbuster Video stores and other video rental places. People can now pay and view movies right from their mobile phones. Technology has evolved to make life for people more convenient but less profitable for the pioneers of the original. In the next 20 years I could possibly see actual movie theatres going away and people being able to watch new movies opening day from their homes.

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