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Paper Plane Experiment

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Problem statement:
Does the size of a paper airplane, while keeping the design and paper type the same, affect the distance the airplane will fly?
Relevance of the testable question:
Once the trials are completed it will be easy to determine whether or not the question of flight distance will be relevant and since according to Hewitt, et al (2007) β€œin order for an experiment to be considered scientific it must be able to be proven wrong.” (p. 4), it seems likely that the size of the paper airplane will make a difference in flight distance.
Literature review:
From the information gathered from the following two experiment ideas from both Melanson (2006) and Maranowski (2011) as with any scientific experimental lab, it is the actual lab itself that lends support to the results that make the experiment valid or not.
Experimental design:
a. In order to complete the experiment the following must be done in the order described below
to achieve the desired result:
Find an appropriate location where there will be no interference to the outcome of the trial such as a football field on a clear and non-windy day if held outdoors or no air conditioning if the trial will be held indoors, e.g. an indoor gymnasium, conference room, play area, or garage.
Gather the needed items and tools to complete the trial:
Lots of paper airplanes – 6 paper airplanes total: 1 set of 3 each of the same size design and 1 set of 3 each of a smaller or larger size of the same design for each trial (total of 6)
Tape measure
Pen or pencil
Chart to record data
Mark the location with tape or other type of marker to show where each trial launch will be thrown from at each start as a control measure.
Make sure each launch is conducted in the same manner each time with the same amount of thrust or force to ensure accurate results.
Measure the distance for each throw of each plane type immediately after the throw and record the information into your chart to ensure accurate data...

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