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1 | MYERS-BRIGGS | My   basic   personal   style   is ISFP (Introversion,   Sensing,   Feeling, and   Perceiving) | E = 19   I = 21S = 23   N = 17   T = 14     F = 26J = 19   w   P = 21 | I   am   very   quiet   and   reserved   when   am   in   the   midst   of   strangers,   this makes it   difficult   for   me   to   make   a new   friend.I   always   stay   focused   and   fully   committed   to what   am   doing   presently,   because   I   believe   my   present   will   determine   my   future.   When   it   comes   to   arguments   and   conflict,   I   hate   getting   involved.   That is the major   reason   why I always   keep   my   opinions,   thoughts   and   feelings   to myself.   | The test   absolutely describes my   personal style. It   tells me more   about who I am,   and made me   realize who am   trying to be. |
2 | Big 5 | Extroversion:   High score means   friendly,   talkative and   sociableNeuroticism:   low score   indicates that   calm,   secure and   relaxed.Openness:   low   tends   to   be   uncreative,   narrow   interest   and   down   to   earth Conscientiousness:   high   score   shows   well organize,   reliable   and   careful   I   am.Agreeableness:   high   score   means     good   nature, courteous   and   sympathetic | Extroversion   = 23Neuroticism = 8Openness = 18Conscientiousness = 28Agreeableness = 33 | Am always calm and relaxed regardless of the situation. And very careful when taking a huge step. | The extroversion   interpretation of   the test defines   my opposite   personality,   because I   am very quiet and   reserved. I tried   to be friendly but   in reality I seem   not to be friendly, may   be   due   to   my   quietness. This   interpretation   also contradicts   the   Myers   Briggs   test   (introversion). |
3 | Self   Esteem | The   result   indicates high   self   esteem, which measure how people evaluate their worth | First   10   items = 36Second   reverse   10   items   =   37 |   I   so   much   believe   in   myself   and   always   stay   focused.   It   is   very   difficult   for   someone...

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