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Individual Privacy versus National Security
Rico Wilcox
Ashford University
Fatima Lim-Wilson
9 November 2012

Have you ever had a feeling that National Security and individual privacy could conflict with each other? Do you think that you could have one without the other? Well, being an American and military personnel I can ensure you that individual privacy and national security do conflict with each other from time to time. I chose to write about this topic due to the fact that when Facebook was invited I noticed that individual privacy was at risk. Once I joined the military I realized that not only was individual privacy jeopardized but national security cases were at hand too.
How I plan on staying on topic during this research process is as followed, I am going to start by talking about the event that happened on September 11th and how it changed our national security threats. When this happened America thought that I wasn’t possible that our national security could have been done like this without anyone knowing and we were proven wrong. Next, I am going to explain the definition of individual privacy and give examples of it. Once I give examples of individual privacy I am going to give personal experience that I have encounter with privacy issues. Next, I am going to describe what national security is and give examples of it. Finally, everyone has a basic understand of what national security and individual privacy is I then go into examples how they conflict with each other.
Specific claims that I plan to argue would be first, September 11th incident and how that was a major eye opener for our national security. And how ever since September 11th our national security measures have increased tactically and technically. Talk about how Bradley Manning another huge turning point with national security because he leaked Top Secret documents to a website called wikileaks. Individual privacy I would mainly address the Facebook issue. Back when Facebook...

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