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Packaging Report

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Jan. 6, 2010
An Interesting Package

    One of the most interesting and versatile packing products on the market is the packing peanut. The organic packing peanut is an even more interesting packaging material. It’s versatility in its ability to cushion and protect items make it very easy to work with and use. Added to that are the positive environmental aspects to it and there is always the enjoyment people get out of playing with them while seeing how they can find ways to dissolve them.   These all contribute to making it a fascinating material.

Since products were first shipped, there has been a need for materials to protect these items. Items of odd shapes and sizes, items that need to be kept securely in place, and items that have special packaging considerations because of situations or locations are all candidates for peanut packaging. Many types, shapes, sizes and colors of packing peanuts exist today. Some differences are due to composition; some are due to product development. Green polystyrene peanuts mean they are made from at least 70% recycled materials. White means they are made from at least 70% virgin material and pink means they have been treated with an anti-static agent.

Peanut shells, hay, newspapers and popcorn are just a few substances that have been used throughout the years to protect products during shipping. Today, manmade ‘peanuts’ are used to ship even our most delicate items.   They can be dumped into a box to surround an item, but unlike real peanuts, their design enables them to interlock with one another to keep the item firmly in place and fully protect it. Manmade peanuts also do not decompose or attract pests like peanut shells or popcorn, making it possible to store items for indefinite periods without worrying about this.

    The most common type of peanut, what most people are aware of, is the polystyrene-based packing peanuts which have been protecting products for years. These peanuts are made from both...

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