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I feel there should be a link between a company’s efforts to come up with and achieve a winning strategy and to conduct activities in an ethical manner. They also should demonstrate socially responsible behavior by being committed to their task at hand.   Business ethics involves applying general ethical principles and standards to business activities, behavior and decisions. Ethical principles in business are not different from ethical principles in general. Some things that cause poor business ethics are when a company’s views are only in   pursuit of   personal gain, wealth, and other self-interests rather than on the company and it consumer.
There is also the fact that some company’s put pressure on the managers to meet or beat earnings targets or when a company places profits and good performance ahead of ethical behavior. There is several bad outcomes for companies that do not stand for having good business ethics some of these are class-action lawsuits and other litigation aimed at the company for how they treated others which in turn the cost of legal help to defend them. They also will incur a bad reputation with other company’s or with future employees or even higher turnover rate within the company.
There are 3 types of ethical standards that apply across the countries and they are ethical universalism, ethical relativism, and integrative social contracts theory. With the ethical universalism you want to use the same standards of what is right and what is wrong are universal and transcend most cultures, societies, and religions. With ethical relativism what is ethical or unethical must be judged in light of local moral standards and can vary from one country to another. And last with the integrative social contracts theory the ethical standards a company should try to uphold are governed by both. Without these ethical standards we have a company that is facing many company downfalls and loss of business from other countries and from the US itself....

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