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Overcoming Resistance to Change Essay

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Organizations perceive change as extremely essential for their survival and success in today’s competitive environment. Organizations initiate change efforts for countless reasons.   They make change initiative to keep up the pace with changing environment. Failure to properly manage these changes can cause an organization fail.   The success and performance advantage of organizations are very much reliant on its ability to align its internal arrangement with the demand of external world. The majority of organizations are faced with ongoing changes due to internal and external pressures. These pressures can lead to strategic changes that affect the entire organization or incremental changes that have a direct impact on a specific area. The economy today, organizations must continually examine their external business environment to maintain their competitive advantage by making internal adjustments.

Managing employees’ resistance towards organizational change is one of the key problems to successful change.   Every time you have change that moves employees from a known to an unknown situation, you can best believe you will run into resistance. When you take employees out of their comfort zone it creates fear and uncertainty which results in resistance. Employees resist change for a number of reasons such as a lack of knowledge around the change, personal conflicts, conflicting perceptions, social disruption or the potential for loss on a personal level such as control, rank and influence. These barriers are a result of ineffective communication. Effective communication can be seen as the bloodline through a change process. Without it, you risk failure to your change initiative.My first step after discovering employee’s resistance towards organizational change management led me to the exploration of causes of resistance which have been thought by different authors as very important for overcoming it. According to Mintzberg, the cure might...

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