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Outreach Essay

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The imperial college of London explains the purpose of an outreach program as an important aspect of recruiting potential students

A quote from Anderson and Gillbridge’s journal shows from an academic perspective the importance of an outreach program for universities

Warick university sums up what a university outreach is perfectly,

Through these academic sources it becomes clear that outreach is an offering of information at events to give perspective students knowledge on why they should join a university and give them the platform to do so

Outreach platforms

Now we will look into what types of events that hav been used by other universities
Sheffeild university uses a wide variety of oatreach programs, the year 11 discover law day stands out as their best program, this is a 1 day event open to year 11 students from the local area who are interested in learning more about what law at their university could do for them
Students spend the day on campus having a look around, attend a lecture about the course, and undertake team activities, this is a free attendance program.
This outreach program is for a law course but its idea can easily be adapted for the use by toddy university. For either specific courses or the university as a whole.

The university of micigan uses alumni as an outreach platform, they have previous students give 1 on 1 interactio with potential students to give them their perspective on the university.

The Massachusetts institute of technology has a whole website dedicated to persepective students, they use current students blogs, information on how to prepare to join the university. And information about other outreach programs such as a calander for open days

Oxford university use social media among other outreach platforms, They use itunes as a platform to   give aacess to podcasts, public lectures and interviews related to the university.
They have a youtube channel for video lectures and help...

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