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Organizatonal Behavior Essay

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BUS 610 Oranizational behavior |
The Three Layers of Organizational Culture |
Latasha Holmes |
Dr. Miguel |
11/26/2012 |


For people to live and work with each other successfully there must be defined roles and responsibilities whether they exist within families, companies, or society as a whole. Wherever people live and work together, culture develops. Organizational culture refers to the beliefs, values and attitudes that define the company and develops naturally, whether it is nourished or not. The three layers of organizational culture are observable artifacts, espoused values, and enacted values. Observable artifacts are physical manifestations such as manner of dress, awards, myths and stories about the company and visible behavior exhibited by managers and employees. Espoused values are explicitly stated values and norms preferred by an organization and enacted values represent the values and norms actually exhibited in the organization.(www.crsd.org) There are three major reasons for wanting to create an appropriate and positive organizational culture for your company.  
First, a strong organizational culture will attract high level talent. The high level talent entering corporations want to go to companies that offer opportunities for advancement and to show off their talents. They will strongly consider the companies where the organizational culture appears effective, positive and get along with each other and are united in their goals of making the company better. For example, GEICO, the insurance company in which I am employed has an extensive hiring process to ensure we are only getting those employees that uphold our observable artifacts. At GEICO, “we believe in lifelong learning and providing our associates with opportunities to grow — professionally and personally. As a GEICO associate, you can explore and participate in a wide range of career development and educational programs.”(www.geico.com)   In our code of conduct...

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