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Organizations As Patterns Of Behavior Essay

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  • on March 17, 2012
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Organizations as Patterns of Behavior
Patterns of Behavior in the Political World

The work and views of Zizek are shown in a way that goes against traditional thinking.   He focuses his work and view on political ideologies that exist in political regimes.   He discusses how ideologies are discourses that promote false ideas or false awareness in subjects about the political regimes.   Because false ideas are believed to be true and real, the cycle of life continues.   The status quo does not shift.   Zizek looks at the ways that authoritary figures use ideologies to keep the system functioning.   There are many ways in which people are convinced to follow something even if they don’t know exactly why.   Below are some of Zizek’s ideas that help to understand how some ideologies change or maintain the patterns of behavior in a society.

Freedom Fantasy
As described by Zizek, political control over society is based on two topics.   The first is the fantasy that subjects are individually free. The article, Elite Ideology, mentions how over time Egypt focused more on capitalism. This focus was supposed to give people power and make them less dependent on state-supported programs.   People felt more empowered and felt like they are individually free and this helps the people to follow the authoritary figures.   This fake freedom Zizek speaks about leads to the “ideological misidentification,” which means that people don’t need to choose anything, but need to have the perception that they have the opportunity to choose. “Subjects will only voluntarily agree to follow one or other such arrangement if they believe that, in doing so, they are expressing their free subjectivity, and might have done otherwise” (ZIZEK). This makes subjects accept corruption, irresponsibility, and useless laws as what happens all the time in Brazil. People accept high taxation without receiving proper public services for it because of high corruption and bad efficiency in the...

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