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Organizational Focus Essay

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Organizational Focus and Goals

        This letter is to the Senior Management of XYZ Home and Commercial Services. I have been involved in the industry that your organization represents for over 22 years. My back ground is in the service industry and I help organizations such as yourself to create a culture for growth and opportunities that you may not be currently tapping into. I understand the XYZ Home and Commercial Services has been in business over 25 years, and over the past few years there have been several S.W.O.T analysis to try and pin point where you may improve your business in order to grow and to be more profitable. I also understand that the organization has introduced a program called Ownership Thinking to try and get all the employees to think like the owner of the company, and not just an hourly or commissioned employee. I understand that the owner of XYZ Home and Commercial Services wants the employees input as to how we can make changes, cut cost and retain the customer base.

  What is the organization’s current focus?
        The organizations current focus is on growth, and how to get the employees engaged in helping grow the company. The organization has started a program called Ownership Thinking, and this program is a profit sharing program that gets the organization as a whole concentrating on growing the business either through service, sales, or simple and easy things such as taking away from the bottom line. Cutting bottom line things could be as simple as turning off lights that are not being used. This is more of a consistent reminder thing and the employees will train themselves. You can put signs up in areas where this is a concern. The other focus is customer retention and how as an organization you can retain your customer base and build onto it. XYZ Home and Commercial Services   business is just like any other in the fact that it cost more money to gain new customers than it does to keep an existing customer...

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