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Organizational Behavoirism Essay

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Below is an essay on "Organizational Behavoirism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1.     Name and discuss at least 3 Anchors of the Organization Behavior Study. Support your answer with examples from your career.
The Organizational behavior relies on a set of basic beliefs or knowledge structures (Anchors) as stated and discussed below:
1- The Multidisciplinary Anchor:
It stated that Organizational behavior is structured around the idea that the field should develop from knowledge in other disciplines, not just from its own isolated research base. For example, me as a teacher, I studied a subject at the university which is called teaching methods which helps   teachers to understand how to organize information, convey meanings ,and help students to interact using   the received information. Also, psychological research has aided our understanding of individual and interpersonal behavior. Sociologists have contributed to our knowledge of team dynamics, organizational socialization and other aspects of the social system.
2- The Contingency Anchor:
The field of OB recognizes that there is no single solution is best in all circumstances. For example, it would be easier that we could rely on one best way to solve all the problems that we face but it is not as simple as everybody thinks. We need to understand and diagnose the situation and select the strategy most appropriate under those conditions. This is obvious in my career as a teacher, every day I face particular problems in the classroom and every problems has its way or theory to be solved. Even if two students have an correspondent issues, I have to tackle each issue differently.
3- The Multiple Levels of Analysis Anchor:
OB can be viewed from three levels of analysis: The Individual level includes the characteristics and behaviors of employees such as motivation, perceptions, personalities, attitudes, and values ( individual = teacher). The team level looks at the way people interact , for instance, how teachers and students interact with   their colleagues , other students and the...

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