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Organisational Structure and Culture Essay

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This assignment discuss the energy companies industry in order to analyse organisational behaviour in terms of structure, and culture. It will examine the relationship which exist between the two selected organisations, and the other one. It will further discuss key factors that have impacts on individual behaviour at work, and examine different approach to leadership, and key organisational theories, and other approaches to management.
1.1 Compare and contrast different   organisational structures and cultures
The selected organisations are EDF, and E.ON which operate in the energy industry. The EDF has an organisational structure which is centralised. The centralised organisation structure confers authorities to the Chairman of the organisation who has the sole responsibility to the organisation activities, and direct its vision.   The span of control is much narrowed, and managers have no limited power to make decision making within the organisation.   The culture of EDF is driven by power, because management and subordinates have to work under pressure, and have to work towards oriented tasks, and bench-makings. Targets are the centre of their main drive of the organisation activities. Its communication system is top down, which means that only chairman is the only one to communicate the necessary information about the operational activities of the organisation. this structure doesn’t   allow employees to be part of participative approach and employees become demotivated.   The E.ON has a structure which is functional in terms of operations. The structure of E.ON provides flexibility in terms of decision making process, and the way the management operate, and each manager has some authorities to exercise within a particular division. Divisional operational activities are well coordinated, and maintained throughout the organisation and its departments. Diverse departments of the organisation are well structured and the activities...

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