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Operations Notes Essay

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Role of operations:
Strategic role of operations management-cost leadership, good/service differentiation
• Operations is any business activity that: transforms, converts, add value, process or the work in process.
• Strategic role of operations management is allocating resources so the business meets the customers need. Hannah’s publishing house manufactures magazines and short publications. Hannah wants to purchase new printing technology and this affects all functions; delivering a market advantage
• Cost leadership, which aims at high volume of output for the lowest price as possible at mass production
• Differentitation, this is about more expensive operations due to design, innovations and features that make a good or service different.; varying the actual features, quality, add on features (augemented), time spent on service, expertise, qualifications, quality of materials.
Goods and/or services in different industries
• Industry
• Explanation
• Examples
• Primary
• Raw materials, Natural resources
• Coalmining, wheat   and dairy farming
• Secondary
• Convert inputs into semi-finished or finished products
• Manufacture steel for car industry, furniture for timber
• Tertiary
• Service and distribution
• Retailers,teachers and transport
• Quaternary
• Transfer and process information
• Software maintanece, ecommerce
• Quinary
• Services that replace domestic tasks
• Restaurants. Law mowing

• Standardised goods and customised goods
• Perishable goods, intermediate goods and self service\
Interdependence with other key functions
• Key Function
• Explanation
Interdependence with operations
• Marketing
Identifies consumers wants; develop a marketing mix
Design new products, change existing products, after sales service requirements
• Finance
• Plan, organise, monitor and control finiancial resources
Set financial goals for each part of operations
• HR
Human effort at each stage of production,core...

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