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Operations Management Essay

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Jesse Gilpen
Chapter 1
  1. Why study operations management?
Operations management is an important subject to study because everything that we do we can apply to operations management. It is defined as the production of goods and services and is no longer just subjected to the production of raw materials. It is also subjected to customer service and the overall operations of a organization and the people that help run that organization. Without learning the proper management techniques and what it is about many businesses would not be where they are today.   Anywhere from first level managers to CEO’s must know operations management in order to effectively communicate and manage the people below them.
  2. What is the difference in the terms “productions management” and “operations management”
Production management refers to the just the production of raw goods or in other words the physical inventory. The operations management refers to the management of the process of the businesses as a whole. It is the manager making sure all the different departments are working together achieving maximum profit, customer service, and productions at the least amount of cost to the company. The production manager would work under the operations manager because the operations manager would fall under the category as a department head.
  3. How does the work of an operations manager differ from the work of a marketing manger or a finance manager? How are these functions similar?

The marketing function of an organization is responsible for creating demand and generating sales revenue. The operations part is responsible for the goods and the services that the company offers and is usually the first line to the customers. The finance part is responsible for all the costs and anything that would have to do with money within   the businesses. All of these different levels of   a company all have one common goal and that is to make money for the business and to do that they...

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