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Operational Management Essay

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Space Age Furniture Company is a manufacturing company.   This company produces cabinets and tables. These tables are used to hold items such as portable televisions and microwaves. The company is experiencing some issue with operations management which is causes some issues within the company. When it come to Operations Management within a company this comes from the company goods and services that the company provides. Its aim is to balance supply with demand. Operations management has relations with both Finance and marketing. It works with them simultaneously. Operation Management is a value-added activity. It signifies the difference between value of input and the value of output.
Space Age Furniture Company commissioned from two different furniture, which both of the assemblies derived from product 3079, one piece is the Saturn Furniture and the other is the Genesis Furniture. Both companies had a commission of 100o pieces. The issue is whether the device can produce the required units to meet the demands of production. When it comes to the issue of performance the device can perform the task, but having the required skilled workman whom can perform or operate the lathe is the issue at hand.   There is only one machinist for the company and the production that is completed by the individual is 30 pieces an hour, which is a total of 240 pieces in an 8 hour work period. This can result in a total of 1,200 pieces in a 5 day work week.
As looking at the numbers from the company Space Age is not meeting the required production to meet the high demands of the client. The total units that customer is requesting the company to produce in a one week time frame is 2,000 units, which this demand is not been met. The company has one operator name Ed whom is the only lathe machine worker that is able to get the opportunity to work overtime to try and meet the demands of the client. This makes the company have issues with trying to get Ed to work over time the entire...

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