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Only Daughter Essay

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  • on March 26, 2014
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asked to write my own contributor’s note for
an anthology1 I was part of. I wrote: “I am the
only daughter in a family of six sons. That
explains everything.”
Well, I’ve thought about that ever
since, and yes, it explains a lot to me, but for
the reader’s sake I should have written: “I am
the only daughter in a Mexican family of six
sons.” Or even: “I am the only daughter of a
Mexican father and a Mexican-American
mother.” Or: “I am the only daughter of a
working-class family of nine.” All of these
had everything to do with who I am today.
I was/am the only daughter and only a
daughter. Being an only daughter in a family
of six sons forced me by circumstance to
spend a lot of time by myself because my
brothers felt it beneath them to play with a
girl in public. But that aloneness, that
loneliness, was good for a would-be writer—
it allowed me time to think and think, to
imagine, to read and prepare myself.
Being only a daughter for my father
meant my destiny would lead me to become
someone’s wife. That’s what he believed. But
when I was in the fifth grade and shared my
plans for college with him, I was sure he
understood. I remember my father saying,
“Que bueno, mi’ha, that’s good.” That meant a
lot to me, especially since my brothers
thought the idea hilarious. What I didn’t
realize was that my father thought college
was good for girls—good for finding a
husband. After four years in college and two
more in graduate school, and still no
husband, my father shakes his head even
now and says I wasted all that education.
In retrospect2, I’m lucky my father

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