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One Special Moment Essay

  • Submitted by: JamieDove1
  • on June 23, 2014
  • Category: English
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One Special Moment
Jamie Dove
Eng 121:English Compositions I
Concetta Williams
June 23, 2014

Because my daughter was premature giving birth to her was a special moment to me. I was nervous because she was 3lbs and 7 oz. I now take on a title known as mommy. I went through hours of labor and she finally was here a sweet bundle of joy. I now have a little buddy to go shopping with and to share my treasures with.
I never expected that I would have a premature baby. I took all of my prenatal vitamins and ate all the healthy foods I could think of. I just knew she would be at least 5 or 6lbs. Premature birth can cause lasting side effects on children. As a parent I was really concerned even to this day at her age. Although she was small I still spoiled her rotten. She knew she had love and affection from both her parents. I enjoyed keeping her dressed in her preemie outfits. I am so grateful for the new life that has come into my family circle.
I thought my labor pains were never going to kill me. It felt as if they were never going to end. I guess having a small baby made my labor pains more intense. It seems as if everything has stopped and then BOOM she was here. A painful event can never be as beautiful as having a baby. This defining moment is an event that has left me changed.
I had a natural birth and I mean it was and outstanding delivery. I don’t really remember when my water broke because everything happened kind of fast, but I do remember my baby being born. She was so beautiful and tiny. I felt every single one of those contractions and I was not calm for my first baby. I wouldn’t take back any of my pains to bring her in this world.
Now that she was finally here I had a little shopping buddy. I don’t mind sharing my earthly treasures with her at all. I do all these things like buying her gifts, cloths for school and toys to show her that I love her. I want her life to showered with favor and good...

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