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One Laptop Per Child Essay

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Technology or business practices used to augment the solution   for one laptop per child:

While now costing $200 per laptop, the OLPC XO-1 contains an impressive array of technology
Advances that are not found in the most expensive commercial laptops. Each advance is
Tweaked to facilitate the constructionist goal of children’s collaborative learning.

Sugar Learning Platform

The laptop user interface, the software that children navigate to interact with the computer is called Sugar. It doesn’t look like Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, or any flavor of Linux, but it is Open Source software, where any user can customize the code.based on the Linux operating system, Sugar’s every aspect is designed to encourage collaboration.   It starts with a circle of activities, not programs, and promotes the sharing
of the activities both online and through the physical interaction a child has with the computer. Take the classic computer game Tetris. Sugarized, for the XO-1, it is now called Block Party, a collaborative spatial manipulation learning tool where multiple Players work in concert to place irregular-sized blocks in congruent, solid lines.

Mesh Networking

To facilitate this constant collaboration, OLPC is implementing a new wireless Internet protocol called 802.11s, which allows each XO-1 to directly and instantly connect with another. This mesh network eliminates the need for a traditional central computer router each laptop automatically becomes a router - and allows every computer access to any other computer’s Internet connection without a lengthy or complicated network formation process. The mesh network is further enhanced by its connection through antennas on the top of the laptop, its signature bunny ears, which allow the XO-1 to talk to XOs up to a kilometer away.
A Library of Alexandria Activities and connectivity are well and good, but there is already a wealth of human knowledge in the printed word. The OLPC XO allows children to access this...

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