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On Yasunari Kawabata’s the Grasshopper & the Bell Cricket Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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To say that the intricacies that lay in the nature of life, aging and romance are just that – the unreachable, incomprehensible condition of human existence – would be a discomfiting conclusion to the true essence of this story. In my opinion, the intricacies within the nature of life, aging and romance are untethered and unwound by the simple realities mirrored in this tale, brought across only by the persona projected by its author.
The profundity of this persona lies within the utter distance between the character himself and the yearning he doesn’t know he feels. He is portrayed as what I, the reader, can only perceive as irreparably lonely. His wondering in the dark translates to a deeper sense of being lost, unknowing of what is missing, of what hole needs to be filled. And as he is reacquainted with the innocence that only comes with being a child, the lines the separate the past from the present of this dramatis persona become non-existent. The walls that kept the tide of his memories and his longing from drowning his present disappear, leaving him floating wide awake in a dream.
And in the emptiness of his unfathomable longing, he sees a burst of light – perhaps the glow of a lantern. Or the glow of several dozen lanterns held by several dozen children in a picture of timeless innocence. But reality has taught us that innocence is anything but timeless, and in time, just like the lanterns, their lights will slowly dim to less than a flicker. Yet, knowing this, he allows himself to remember a simpler time, when one’s main priority was making sure your lantern the most beautiful. “The pattern of light that one had had in hand the night before was unsatisfying the morning after. Each day, with cardboard, paper, brush, scissors, penknife, and glue, the children made new lanterns out of their hearts and minds.” And in a way, Kawabata uses this as a metaphor to symbolize our own loss of innocence. How as we grow up, the way we were, what we once thought of...

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