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On The Water Reflection Essay

  • Submitted by: speechlessjazz
  • on March 18, 2012
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On the Waterfront Reflection

On the Waterfront was a film about the corrupt working conditions on the harbors of Hoboken, New Jersey across the river from Manhattan. On the Waterfront starts with a man by the name of Joey Doyle getting pushed off of a roof   by mobsters, where he falls to his instant death. From the second Joey Doyle was pushed off of that roof, I was interested. Terry Malloy, a former prizefighter in his late twenties, now works on the harbor. He does not reveal and or admit to anyone that he knew and involvment in Joey’s murder until later on the film. Terry confesses to Father Barry about his involvement in Joey’s death and Father Barry convinces Terry to tell Edie. With the help of Father Barry and Joey’s sister, Edie Doyle, Terry decides to try and expose the mobsters corrupt union leaders plans to employ and to extort money and labor, but it may be too late. Terry ends up testifying to the commission in court against Friendly’s mob, and sends him and every mob member to prison. The film then moves to a scene in which Terry delivers a speech announcing a new goal which was to break away from mob rule.   Following the speech a fight breaks out, Terry comes out of a great victory in the bloody fistfight between him and the mob boss Johnny Friendly. Terry, beat up badly, stands to be a model of impressive strength moves toward hangar to show he is ready for days of honest labor. Throughout the film, the message of how a person can make all of the difference shines through clearly. Also, the struggles of the harbor workers are shown as well. The film is centered on Terry Malloy who is pressured by Father Barry and Edie Doyle to uncover Johnny Friendly’s mob and their corrupt ways of running of the harboring business’ union, as well as the planned murder of Joey Doyle. Constantly throughout the movie, he is pressured by people to tell the Waterfront Crime Commission to tell   what he knows about Joey Doyle’s murder, and at it takes a...

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