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On The Sidewalk Bleeding Essay

  • Submitted by: McCulloch19
  • on March 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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On The Sidewalk Bleeding

A short story we have read is 'On The Sidewalk Bleeding' by Evan Hunter is about a boy called Andy, who is in a gang called The Royals, has been stabbed and is slowly dying, but he doesn't know it. Over the time he was lying on the sidewalk, people do come past but do not help, while Andy is lying there, he is thinking about the girl he loves, Laura who finds Andy, but he is dead by then. We wouldn't normally
have sympathy for someone like Andy because he got himself into this mess by joining a gang, so he paid the price for being in a gang.

This story is similar to the Good Samaritan story because no one helps Andy because he is a Royal, and they don't want to get involved in that stuff. The first person to come is the drunk man who makes the story more tragic because he says 'I gotta a good mind to call a cop' which gets Andy’s hopes up that he is going to be found but then the drunk man says 'You don' wanna cop to fin' you all drunk an' wet in an
alley, huh; Okay, buddy. This time you get off easy' which means no one will help Andy for now. The next people to come to the alley was a couple called Freddie and Angela who see Andy is in trouble but they don't want to get involved because Andy is a Royal and they say The Guardians will find out that they helped a Royal "If we get a cop, The Guardians'll find out who" says Freddie, so Freddie and Angela leave but Freddie mumbles "I'm Sorry" then leaves. I think this is the most surprising bit in the story because Andy is lying there dying and Freddie and Angela don't help, and could've saved his life, instead of him dying. The forth and last person to go to the alley is an old lady who, can't hear Andy because she was a little deaf and because of the rain hitting off the bins. It makes us sympathize with Andy because
people could've helped him from dying but didn't help.

Throughout the story Andy talks about the girl he loves, Laura, he leaves to get cigarettes but doesn't come...

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