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On the Fear of Death by Elisabeth Kubler Ross Essay

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Below is an essay on "On the Fear of Death by Elisabeth Kubler Ross" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Evelyn Sanchez
Patrick Houlihan
ENG 1101, Sections 56 & 57
04 March, 2014
  Territorial Behavior
this is an essay about breaking down human territory. Territory is a defended space. Desmond Morris breaks territory into three categories: Tribal, family, and personal. The first tribal territory , touches on animal instincts of belonging to a large group. The second family territory focuses on the immediate family structures with the purpose of security. Last is personal space, everyone yearns foe a feeling of independence and to reflect on their wishes, feelings, etc. These three aspects help create an environment that an individual develops their own characteristics and hopes.
After reading Desmond Morris article on territorial behavior I feel I can relate as well as appreciate most of what he wrote, however on the other hand, our opinions differ over certain aspects of the essay. Morris defines a territory as a defended   space. In my opinion, I find this definition somewhat vague as it fails to further educate the reader. It does not deliver a sufficient amount of information needed to enhance the reader's knowledge from what they already know. In my opinion the instinct of territorial ism is a powerful driving force in a species control of the environment, and therefore this leads me to assume that if one has more room, then in turn one has more access to resources. Morris emphasizes the consistently thought the essay.
On a personal level, symbols help us to our own personal space. As Morris states, that if our personal space is trespassed, such as in a crowded elevator, we have a tenancy to ignore them. For example a conversation, If someone gets to close in your personal space we tend to move back to a distance that feels comfortable for us. Another way of reinforcing your territory is to use personal markers. Such as in a movie theater we always tend to leave a seat or two between the people you don’t know. On the tribal family, and personal...

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