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Olympics in the Long Term (2011) Essay

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  • on March 26, 2014
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Olympics: waste of time, waste of money

The £496 million Olympic stadium risks demolition as football teams West Ham and Spurs bid for ownership, all at the tax- payers’ expense. There are plans to convert the Olympic stadium into a football stadium after the grand 2012 event, leaving the hard working tax payers with the bill: an estimated £95 million. Not only is this a waste of a phenomenal amount of money but a waste of resources which the government seem to believe are of unlimited availability. The resources and materials used to create the stadium would be pulled down in order to renovate it into something that would require similar materials: the 60,000 capacity football stadium. Let’s just hope there are some recycling plans involved.
Although, you’ll find, to the relief of your parents and those of you with part time jobs already, the planned £25 million needed for TfLs’ new cable car is being paid for by private financers and Dubai based Emirates Airline. The cable car, that’ll stretch across the Thames linking Olympic and Paralympic venues, is due to be up and running in time for the floods of tourists visiting the UK hugely anticipating the 2012 event. This new form on London transport will also be payable by Oyster card for the British citizens.
However, not everyone is excited by the prospect of this uneconomical event. The government has spent millions of our money on the stadium and equipment preparing for the Olympics but many would argue they would have rather seen less education cuts and more reasonable university fees. Financial cuts have been made to essential institutions such as hospitals and schools across Britain due to the recession that drained Britain of millions jobs and government funds (thanks bankers).
So, what do you really think about the Olympics now?

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