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Office Admin Essay

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In the accounts department there are seven main tasks that are performed, these include recording, classifying, analyzing, auditing, reporting, planning and systemizing.   In recording, members record, financial documents, upgrade the accounting systems and reconcile different accounts from time to time.   In classifying, they find out how to analyze and keep track of the different kinds of products and how to give different costs to different items in the various departments.   In analyzing, they examine the different accounting documents to make sure that they are correct, legible, and in agreement with others.   In auditing, they investigate on financial accounts, do audits, make reports and scan documents for proof of authenticity and making sure that the statements adhere to the law of the country.   In reporting, they report to those in higher authority about the finances of the business and computerize the taxes owed and making tax returns thereof.   They also plan various items in the business.   In planning, they help in making, maintaining, and scrutinizing policies and budgets. In addition, they find different methods for operating the business easily and effectively along with many other different things.   Lastly, they do systemizing which is making different accounts systems to lessen the amount of errors in the records and they make, change, and upgrade accounting systems.
Communication is important in all departments in a business but it is especially important in that of the accounts.   It is important because if the members of the department do not communicate with each other then there might be mix-ups in the accounting statements and finances of customers and in the company system on a whole.   This may lead to confusion and other misgivings in the department.   Communication builds trust and prevents conflicts between the members in the department.   If communication is good, then it is easier for notices and other important messages to be passed on...

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