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Obssesion And Jealousy Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Obsession and Jealousy

There's been known to multiple murders because of love triangles, jealous lovers, or suspicion of cheating,and it only gets worse as time goes on. These killer's desired reward out of it all is to get the satisfaction that they will be the only lover that person can have, dead or alive. When a spouse or lover finds out about another person being involved the normal person would just get angry and talk or yell about it. These people who have deeper problems, take the issue and blow it out of proportion. Safely said, you do not want to create problems with spouses and lovers who have a past history of mental issues or get angered quickly, it could result in a bad ending.
An example of obsession and jealousy would be Tufts professor, William Douglas, on March 5,1983, he was unable to accept the thought of his "lover" Robin, sexually involved with any other man. It bothered him so much that he did something about it. He beat the 21 year old girl to death with a sledgehammer and dumped her body. Although it was never found he later pled guilty because it built up over time and bothered him. These love triangles have three points, at each person we find theyll have motivation for murder. It is either the unfaithful one who is murdered, or the one who hasn't done anything because the other lover wants them out of the way. Sometimes, the one on the side is murdered because the original spouse or lover finds out and wants them dead.
Another example, Clara Harris did everything she could to get her husband to stay, she was a dentist, underwent surgery on her lips, breast,body, etc., nothing had worked because in the end he still went with other women. She ended up running him over "accidentally" fives times in a hotel parking lot. Later, it was found out to been caught on video that it was not an accident and she was sentenced to 20 years in prison and fined $10,000. Also the husbands family was rewarded $3.7 million as a result of wrongful...

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