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Observation Paper

  • Submitted by: jeriaames
  • on September 1, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Bradley Edwards
SOCI111 B007 Sum 11
Professor   Lori Kelley

Norm is defined as the rules of behavior followed in a society. it can be either formal or informal. It is the principle of a right action that binds the members of a group or society. norms helps to guide, control, and regulate the behavior of the group.
Norms are categorized into standard norms, ideal norms, instrumental norms and constitutive norms. Norms can be folkways that are common rules to be followed in public, mores that are deeply held norms which are usually comes under law codes and taboos that are the most strongly held which brings revulsion to others when violated.
Some of the norms that I see in everyday life could be when we travel in an elevator we always facing forward staring at the buttons. Men always do hold the doors for women in general, following a dress code in schools, wearing formal clothes in the professional meetings in the office, and standing in the queue till your turn comes.  
The norm that I will break here could be standing in a queue till my turn comes.
Norm breaking to assess the reactive nature of humans is an interesting aspect of sociology. However, experiments are not performed inside any labs which lead to funny and at times – serious issues.
I have chosen the place for my ‘norm-breaking’ activity. The place is the Railway Station: the time is 9.00 am. The ticket counter was full of activity; people were busy catching up their schedule, queue was quiet long - should be around 20 people and some of them were talking in phone. To the funnier part, I was there: I had no plans of boarding a train nor have a schedule to catch up. The women around the place were looking bit serious; kids were playing with one another; three men were interacting something related to projects; two young lads were in their university wears. I was waiting for the university guys to get their passes before...

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